Road Map of Winning in MLM

Following is a Revised Road Map of my blogs on MLM and what is true and not true. Starting 5/12/15 with biggest News to hit MLM ever!


  • Biggest news to hit MLM in 60 years!…
  • Road Map of Winning at MLM
  • Hello World—Income without Investments
  • A Little about Myself
  • Where the Money Comes from in MLM
  • Can I do it?
  • Truth about making Money at Home
  • MLM Myths
  • The Beauty of Residual Income
  • Why is a Job for the Birds?
  • 20 Questions about MLM
  • What to look for in a MLM Pay Plan
  • Purpose of Residual Income
  • Putting it all together—Succes in MLM beyond your Dreams
  • Choosing the right company in MLM
  • Right Company, Pay Plan and UPLINE
  • How I Fired my Boss
  • How Much does it Cost?
  • Benefits of MLM over a Job
  • Why most people Fail in MLM
  • Funny story—–Is you MLM an “Iser”
  • Miracle of MLM—-Doing it Right
  • 9/3/13 Announcement of biggest news to hit MLM EVER!


How to Explode your MLM business “Geometric Growth”


For today let’s see how your numbers will grow as you build your MLM business.

A way to visualize the bench marks for your growth is like this. The hardest time for you will be getting your first 30. It seams like forever. (maybe 60 days give or take) . The length of time to get to 100 will be about the same as getting to 30. Once you hit 100 the next mile post is 300 which will also take about the same amount of time. Once you hit 300 your goal is 1,000!

One Thousand distributors in your group is where the party starts. It is like a snowball that continues to grow. The initial hard work is now behind you and the brilliance of MLM becomes evident.

A little reality here. First it all depends on you. Not the government. It is not going to tumble out of the sky. If you like the security of a job, this is a good place to get off. But if you are willing to stick it out 90 days. Then roll up you sleeves and go another 90 days. Something wonderful will happen for you “IF YOU DO IT RIGHT”

Until now we have been focused on helping your 4. As you grow you will expand this to their people, especially the highly motivated ones. No baby sitting but if they are builders and will duplicate you will have fun helping the

Advanced strategy for MLM. Let’s get a little wild with our dreams. If you are so motivated when your checks hit $10,000 a month begin to add to your group beyond the core “4”, then “6” or what ever it takes to find key builders that continue your growth. I believe it hovers aroung $20,000 a month.

At $10,000 an month it is natural but dangerous to take on the role of a builder of your group and forget about expanding. Don’t — it will shrink. The trick is to keep recruiting at whatever rate you can. No faster than you can personally help your prospect to success but don’t stop until you reach enough so that you have several key builders that keep your growth continuing..

At this point you can really back off and enjoy your lottery style life. Yes you will continue to be involved and help your group be motivated, trained and so on but life as you know it now has changed. You will vacation in places never imagined. You may upgrade areas of your life in all kinds of ways whether material, family or spiritual or all and it will have your friends and family scratching their hair.

Making Money at Home is Possible and……LIFE WILL BE DIFFERENT.

Keeping MLM Simple and Honest

Forgive me but I need to get this off my chest.

 I am getting a lot of stupid opportunities shown to me. One MLM deal offers $20,000 a week. Come on now, neither you nor I are stupid and what ever your money goals are– be true to yourself and everyone else you are working with and IT WILL WORK! No smoke, no mirrors just duplication. It is that simple.

Folks this is not complicated. I love MLM because it works. Let everyone else chase after these “flavor of the week” deals that are here today and gone tomorrow.

It should not but even If it takes you 4 years (and it won’t) to create the income you need that is OK but keep it honest, keep it fun, keep it simple and be sure it lasts a lifetime.  It is the duplication that creates whatever income you want to generate.

Look for major announcement on 9/3/13 that WILL FEATHER YOUR NEST


It will work,


Keeping MLM Simple and Honest

Forgive me but I need to get this off my chest.

 I am getting a lot of stupid opportunities shown to me. One MLM deal offers $20,000 a week. Come on now, neither you nor I are stupid and what ever your money goals are– be true to yourself and everyone else you are working with and IT WILL WORK! No smoke, no mirrors just duplication. It is that simple.

Folks this is not complicated. I love MLM because it works. Let everyone else chase after these “flavor of the week” deals that are here today and gone tomorrow.

It should not but even If it takes you 4 years (and it won’t) to create the income you need that is OK but keep it honest, keep it fun, keep it simple and be sure it lasts a lifetime.  It is the duplication that creates whatever income you want to generate.


Myths of MLM


Before attacking myths let me say there is breaking news you will receive 9/3/13 that will radically change all MLM

There is an excellent book written by Richard Bliss Brooke’s titled  “The Four Year Career” in which he mentions a few Myths of MLM   But there are More

Myth #1

GETTING IN ON GROUND FLOOR is the best way to success in Network Marketing Company.

I  agree. This is a myth. I run to the nearest door when someone approaches me with a “Ground Floor Opportunity”! The truth is, it is the worst time to join a company when it is just getting off the ground. It won’t! Ninety-five percent of all companies, including Network Marketing companies, go out of business in their first 5 years.

These “Start Up Companies” we also refer to them has the experience, competency, staff,reliable procedures, products and efficiency that can only be developed over years.

The best time to join a Network Marketing company is usually when it is at least five years old, or backed by a larger company . By then it has demonstrated a commitment and ability to:

  • Grow Ethically
  • Stay in business
  • Honor it’s Distributors and customers.

And yet at 5 years it still allows you the opportunity to get involved with the company before they are so well-known that everyone has either already given them a try, or decided they are not interested.

Myth # 2

Network Marketing is an opportunity for someone who is not doing well financially to make some money–maybe a lot of money. I agree to a point. If I recall correctly “The Four Year Career” mentions that people that are not doing well financially may lack the qualities necessary to make a go of it in MLM. I recognize this as truth but lies within all of us. I purposely present how to build a business and avoid some of this pitfalls. Especially with this economy for all ages it is my hope that MLM could be a pathway to succeed financially.

Most snake oil pitch men will push this concept without showing the full story of how MLM works and what causes failure. With that said, I know that MLM  can with very little investment eventually build a solid business.

  • But not if a person is lazy, Blunt but true.
  • Lacks confidence which I lacked and borrowed  from Rick, my up-line when he said he too originally lacked it and for me to borrow his story. His story goes like this . Rick had been laid off  by a Tire manufacturer for 18 months when he was shown MLM. He no longer needing unemployment checks as he was making $140,000 a month and went on to sell his business for several million dollars.
  • Maybe a person is broke because the are not assertive. When you know that you know MLM can work you will want to share the truth and do not let anything pull you away from your success!
  • When you are financially successful you become Dynamic. Carry your dream like a neon sign ahead of all you do. Believe in it. Wake up with it, go to sleep believing it.  When your checks grow you will become bullet proof in how you carry yourself and talk. To help you create the checks early on I recommend using Third Party Story Tellers from a good CD. Let their confidence sell your opportunity. Then it is just a matter of how many CD’s are out selling for you and that is a function on how your group is duplicating and the numbers grow from 30, to 100, to 300 to 1,000. Just imagine—having 1,000 salesmen building your orgainization! That will make you Dynamic!

Myth #3

Network Marketing success is a matter of being in the right place at the right time and luck

Champions do consistently what others do occasionally. You create the right place and the right time and the luck. When your business takes off you will recognize there were elements of luck involved but all because of how consistently you positioned your business.

Myth #4 

The Big Guys make all their money off the Little Guys.

True. Grab onto the beauty of geometric growth of a MLM business. To everyone in your group you will be a “Big Guy”. It is an incredible industry, but also has a high failure rate, because people are not taught how to do it right and so MLM is miss-understood.

Myth #5

You have to have your Friends and Family to make Network Marketing work. 

Absolutely not. When you build your team of 4 you are not looking for warm and fuzzy. You want motivated and bright people that want success so bad they will make it happen. With only 4 people you I doubt you will have room for friends or family. That only happens if you recruit so wide you will take anybody that says “yes“. There is a saying in MLM that you go wide for show and deep for dough. As you build down below your 4 you are going deep and deeper and deeper. Your organization will be solid and I doubt you will have time or a need to enlist your friends or family

Myth # 6

If Network Marketing worked everyone would be doing it. The market would be saturated.

The truth is although this is mathematically possible, history has proven that saturation is not an issue. There are many MLM companies listed in the book The Four Year Career which have been in business for 30 to 50 years doing billions of dollars in business with millions of sales reps. Yet you are not one of them. Nor are 270 million people in the US and .39 billion worldwide.

Well said in “The Four Year Career” book which I consider a must read.

Myth #7

Network Marketine (MLM) is a Pyramid Scheme

Most large businesses, corporations and our government are modeled after a pyramid as is MLM! It is not a scheme or illegal. The fact is that all of our State’s Attorney Generals have said that MLM or Network Marketing is legal should settle this issue.

A long term job is a terrible way to make money once you know the truth. There are other myths that I have already addressed and more will pop up. Truth is going to get out!!! Stay tuned for 20 questions and answers of MLM



The Truth about Making Money at Home

The countdown to Explosive News begins today.

 As we wait continue to learn the truth of MLM. Here is the truth about making money at home ——-It takes work.

Revue all my previous posts and you will see a theme that your success is built on duplication. This is the most overlooked point to succeed in MLM and that is this— you are responsible for only 4 -6 team members. Limited so you can stay focused. From here it is about the duplication process.

Do not focus on the money but stay focused on your “4- 6” and their success. Expect that your original prospects you thought were going to so great simply were not and following is why they need to be replaced.

From the Bible the parable of the sower and the seed has it right for MLM also. Some of his “Good Seed” (your prospecting) fell on hard ground, some on shallow ground, some among the weeds and finally some on fertile ground (these are your”4″)

As you use your CD and up-line to recruit a prospect do not be taken aback when some will reject your presentation. Remember some seed fell on hard ground. These people don’t get it and that is OK, continue (sowing) recruiting.

Also, it is common that a prospect will get excited, join your team of “4”and like the seed in the shallow ground they will wither in the sun or in our case adversity. Maybe aunt Louise had a bad experience in MLM or they tried to recruit someone that turned them down and they quit. Jesus did not let that bother him nor should you. Press on, simply replace them on your core team of “4”.

As we are bringing out all the “warts” of building a MLM empire remember this that some have so many things going on in their life they don’t build a group because they get distracted. I compare them to the seed that falls among the tares or weeds. They originally were excited  but quickly became distracted and started coming up with excuses why they were not building their business. The truth probably is too much TV or Face Book but they will say the had to hang the screen door, clean the garage, take the daughter to the dentist and then to practice and the list goes on. Don’t waste time on them replace them immediately!

Then there is the seed sown on fertile ground. This person grows with every bit of advice you and your up-line provide them with. Like you, they too, begin duplicating and showing their core “4” how to duplicate. This very person may go on to make a lot of money. They are fun to work with.

Your paycheck should be about 10% of your group sales and this last recruit might contribute a big chunk to to your group sales.

Building person after person, replacing all that are not duplicating until you settle on your core “4-6”. Each will build their business at a different rate. Do not try to get a slower builder to perform like your star builder. Some on your team will operate at 30% some 60% and some will maybe out build you.

As the geometric duplication begins, your group goes from 4 to 16 to 64 to 256 to 1024. Most in MLM will say caution you will not get geometric growth but I tell you that if you follow and put into practice the information in these blogs you will experience similar results to geometric growth!

Continuing next will be how the numbers begin to build for you in MLM

Within 16 days there will be Explosive News.



MLM—Can I Do It?



Reason for this question are base in myths. Later I will publish all the myths about MLM which are not true. But quickly let’s address a few lies now.

“MLM is a pyramid”, Yes in structure only (So is Wal-mart and most companies even the  US Government)  but it is not a pyramid scam in anyway. MLM is legally authorized by state attorney generals throughout the nation.

” The Person on top makes money”. Yep and that is YOU! You are on the top of your entire organization which can be as big as you make it.

You next may think you lack the knowledge, education, and confidence to make it work. As you follow my blogs you will notice that I put you in a position to learn as you earn. I protect you from having to sell anything or answer any questions. I teach you how to use your up-line for recruiting and answering questions and everything you need to succeed. EVERYTHING.

Finally you may assume you have to invest money out of your tight budget to get started. Nope and there may be  a greater path to more income wherin you can opt in at a level of let’s say $500 but be careful. Give me a call before you risk any money. My number is (541) 460-3733 cell and (541) 548-1101 office.

For example I started my most profitable MLM opportunity with only $50 and most of what I bought with that was on my shopping list anyway. Within one year was blessed with monthly income close to $10,000  a month and 8,000 people in my organization so you DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A LOT OF MONEY TO START!

Here is the good news. Your success will depend only on YOU. The  money will not come “out of the sky”. You will have to recruit your 4-6 team members and work with them so they too are successful. YOU CAN DO IT — and when you feel a little droopy give me a call or contact me somehow because I have been there and know they way out.

Next visit will be more truth about Income from Home,


How much does a tube of Tooth Paste really cost?

Where does the Money in MLM comes from?

I actually heard the owner and manufacturer of a toothpaste say “The cost of ingredients in most popular toothpastes does not equal the cost of the tube!” Here is what is behind such an eye opening statement— hidden costs.

Here are the hidden costs of a tube of a tube of toothpaste sitting in the dental section of a big box store. Swirling in your mind are pictures of the latest magazine or TV ad on the brand you are staring at. Before you pick up that tube here is what you are paying for.

Buried in the price you will pay is the cashier’s salary that will scan the toothpaste, the cash register, the scanner and all the other costs and profit the retailer needs. Even before the retailer received your toothpaste money was added to it’s cost, like—the cost of shipping, and—the costs and profit for the wholesaler, and—shipping from manufacturer to the wholesaler, and here is a Biggy——-those annoying advertisements you were bombarded with which caused you to buy that brand is part of the price.

There are more costs but you get the point. Whew!

With MLM these costs are eliminated. You buy directly from the manufacturer and have it shipped directly to you. With all the middle men eliminated the extra money is available through MLM or Direct Sales of getting the product to you. This form of marketing is much like hearing about a good movie or restaurant.

Cutting out advertising, distribution and retailing allows about 1/2 of the final cost to be paid to the marketing system called MLM.  So if an item is sold through this marketing system for $5 purchase ideally about $2.50 is available to the distributors. As a distributor you would want a lot of sales. A lot of toothpaste is sold around the world and most likely there would be other products as well.

Now it becomes a matter of numbers through duplication and this is the brilliance of compensation through MLM.

A case in point I actually started a MLM opportunity that sold toothpaste and within 12 months I had 8,000 customers some of whom were also distributors. The income was and still is to this day Phenomenal.

There is plenty of money in MLM for distributors so follow along and I will show you how to “Grab Your Share”